Agricultural Engineer specialising in the engineering of irrigation projects. I have been working for 15 years managing irrigation projects, particularly during period 2000-2010, when I was director of the Department of Works and Projects of a Public Company. I have been responsible for the coordination of two plans for irrigational transformation included in the Spanish Government’s National Irrigation Plan. These plans targeted surface areas of 44,000 hectares.

As Project Manager my responsibilities covered all the steps necessary for developing the project from initial conception to delivery of the works to the beneficiaries.

I have been responsible for tendering, for evaluating and contracting with providers, for advising on the technical aspects and engineering of irrigation projects, including project costs, technical options, and the selection of technology. I was also responsible for project monitoring and for relations with the providers and beneficiaries of the works. As part of project management, I was responsible for expost evaluation of the completed projects within the process of continuing improvement of the company.

Relevant Projects and Roles

From 2000-2010 responsible for the technical aspects of the engineering projects included in the National Irrigation Plan of Spain (Aragon region) for irrigation creation. These were designated Social Irrigation (Regadíos Sociales) –a total of eight projects with a budget of 43.22 million euros–, and The Strategic Plan for the Aragonese Lower Ebro (Plan Estratégico del Bajo Ebro Aragonés) –11 projects with a budget of 47 million euros–; covering a total of 44,000 hectares.

The breakdown of my tasks was as follows:

  • creating viability studies, and environmental impact studies;
  • managing the actual technical projects;
  • directing the implementation of the project’s works.

Project management included coordinating different public and private administrative entities, as well as organising the beneficiaries of the works. Also included was the expost evaluation of the completed works, so that the lessons learned could be implemented in later projects.

From 1997-2000 responsible for the technical aspects of irrigation projects engineering. The most important projects were the implementation of drip irrigation in 1200 hectares of olive groves in Belchite (Zaragoza); and 250 hectares put under irrigation with well water in Longares (Zaragoza).

As a member of the Project management team, my tasks were to act as an adviser on the technical aspects and project engineering, including project costs, technical options and selected technologies, as well as reviewing the technical designs and cost estimates. I was responsible for technical and cost control, and for ascertaining that the projects were completed within the deadlines, as well as coordinating the public and private entities involved in the projects.

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